Sunday, December 22, 2013

El-P & Killer Mike Present: Run The Jewels - "A Christmas F**king Miracle" (Joey Garfield)

Alongside modern day Aggro-Rap masterpiece Yeezus, Run The Jewels' self-titled/untitled premier album is quite easily amongst the "Best Albums of 2013." While Killer Mike & El-P have already unleashed a number of music videos behind the album, I haven't really bothered re-posting anything since "36" Chain" because they've all been uploaded to semi-unreliable, non-YouTube video platforms. But needless to say, Run The Jewels let loose a new holiday-themed video Saturday night, just in time for Christmas; album closer "A Christmas F**king Miracle" now has a companion retro holiday card-indebted video directed by Joey Garfield, who previously starred as Dreadloctopus in the Beastie Boys' infamous late-90's smash-hit, "Intergalactic." According to Joey Garfield's own Ghost Robot posse-site, "He has created memorable music videos for RJD2, The Cool Kids, and Lupe Fiasco, and ads for Dos [Equis], Pepsi, Visa, and Ford."

Garfield, El-P & Killer Mike have melded together an ingenious anti-holiday video that bounces back and forth between scenes of a Boom-Bap-infused Christmas Carolre-make, awkward retro Christmas cards, Killer Mike as your friendly neighborhood mall Santa, and some sort of redneck Christmas festivities. "A Christmas F**king Miracle" itself is essentially split into two separate halves, which Killer Mike refers to as when "the beat breaks and your teeth break," one lead by each Run The Jewels emcee. Whether you've been naughty or nice this year, make sure to add Run The Jewels' upcoming European album re-release (shipping around January 13th) to your Christmas list; featuring newly-designed artwork, an unreleased bonus track, and 2 Dave Sitek/Blue Sky Black Death remixes. And if you've been living under a rock these past 6 months, head on over to Fool's Gold for a FREE album download, or numerous hard copies - You surely won't regret it!

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