Monday, December 9, 2013

Peanut Butter Wolf Presents: The Stepkids - "Bitter Bug (Pyramid Vritra Remix)

Needless to say, "Bitter Bug" (Pyramid Vritra Remix) isn't exactly rapper-producer Hal Williams' first time re-imagining a track by fellow Stones Throw labelmates The Stepkids; Williams previously remixed Troubadour album track "Desert In The Dark" with Odd Future shoot-off, The Jet Age of Tomorrow. While working on his upcoming 2014 Stones Throw debut, Pyramid Vritra managed to conjure up a heavily Funk-laden, Hip-Hop-infused remix of "Bitter Bug," which was originally released as a play-able postcard 45. North of the 4-minute mark, as the track slowly draws to a close, Williams effectively chops-n-screws the Hell out of "Bitter Bug." The Stepkids seem to have already been flirting with the idea of a semi-Hip-Hop crossover; previously working with Pharoahe Monch, Homeboy Sandman, and now one of Stones Throw's newest signees, Pyramid Vritra. That's one area in which Stones Throw seems to be consistently lacking, inner-label collaborative work, but maybe the self-proclaimed Neo-Steely Dan are just the right artist(s) to spearhead a new-found tradition. The Stepkids' second album, Troubadour is now available online, and Pyramid Vritra's proper label debut is currently expected at the top of the year.

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