Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Robin Thicke & Ron Burgundy - "Ride Like The Wind" (Neo-Yacht Rock?)

Depending on who you ask, Ron Burgundy is quite arguably actor-comedian Will Ferrell's coveted career-defining role and in recent weeks, he's somehow managed to supersede the confines of a mere film role; appearing alongside Daft Punk on an MTV EMA's promo, partnering up with Dodge to sell some 2014 Durangos, manning real-life news broadcasts, interviewing football mega-star Peyton Manning, getting his very own Ben & Jerry's flavor, etc. Tuesday afternoon amidst the impending East Coast snow storm, "Ron Burgundy" teamed up with Blue-Eyed Soul crooner Robin Thicke for a buttery smooth cover of "Ride Like The Wind." The original Christopher Cross version was released way back in 1979-80, and his self-titled Soft Rock magnum opus it appears within famously beat out Pink Floyd's equally great The Wall for an Album of The Year Grammy later that year. Christopher Cross' track, as well as Robin Thick & Ron Burgundy's new version are both set to appear on the Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues, which hits shelves December 17th, just mere hours before the film hits theatres nation-wide.

Will Ferrell takes on a role pretty similar to that of Michael McDonald on the original "Ride Like The Wind," pseudo-background vocals and humorous ad-libs; from "You mean Alan Thicke?" to "feel that draft up your skirt, ladies? That's me." McDonald's signature "bah-bah-bah-bada-bah..." refrain has been substituted with "3 feet of polished nickle, valves, and [Burgundy's] sweet breath" aka an appended flute solo. Ferrell, Paul Rudd, Steve Carell, David Koechner, and rest of the former Channel 4 news-team are reprising their roles in Anchorman 2 this upcoming December 18th, nearly 10 years after its' predecessor. Christopher Cross' 1980 debut album, on the other hand, is a sonic masterpiece of Soft Rock tunes, assisted by none other than Michael McDonald, Don Henley, (The Eagles), Eric Johnson, a talented session band, and producer Michael Omartian. @RonBurgundy recently Tweeted, "Greatest singer ever? Christopher Cross. Guess what we'll be singing on @JimmyKimmelLIVE on December 19th?," seemingly implying that he and Robin Thicke (or maybe even Cross himself) will be performing "Ride Like The Wind" on late night TV, while a companion music video's supposedly in-the-works, too.

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