Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Stereogum Presents: Peter Morén - "Constant Reaction" (Broken Swenglish, Vol. 1)

1/3 of Swedish Indie-Pop group Peter Bjorn & John, Peter Morén is gearing up to release a series of Swedish-to-English EP's in the coming months; his four-track Broken Swenglish (Vol. 1) will see a Monday, December 9th digital-release on the band's Swedish-based collective imprint, INGRID. Stereogum premiered a new, previously unreleased Peter Morén track called "Constant Reaction" late Tuesday afternoon. It's a guitar-drenched romper of a track, which is a little bit more Rock-oriented that Peter Bjorn & John's typically super-chill output. "Constant Reaction" is more of less an aggressive six-string musical response "that plays [out] like The Smiths, if Morrissey had a lot more protein in his diet." Peter Morén personally sent Stereogum a little bit of introspective background info on it's creation: "I wrote this after the awful shootings against a youth-camp in 2011 on the island Utöya outside of Oslo [Norway]. I had nightmares and was transported back to my days as a student living in a dorm outside Stockholm's University feeling lost & young. Somehow, this was mashed up with the terror attack in my dreams."

Morén even makes note of the track's surreal undertones and mega-guitars... "Though it's wrapped in surreal pictures, I think you can feel the threat & desperation. There's lots of guitars on this track of different kinds. I like guitars!" For what it's worth, Peter Bjorn & John's 2 most recent albums, Living Thing (2009) and Gimme Some (2011), were absolute modern day Indie-Pop masterpieces! Living Thing even garnered a Mick Boogie-assisted Hip-Hop remix album treatment, dubbed Re-Living Thing; to the best of my knowledge, the band is currently hard at work on their untitled seventh studio album (#PBJ7), which should likely materialize sooner than later. Here's a pre-Blue Chips (1) Action Bronson & Party Supplies quasi-remix of "Nothing to Worry About" from one of the aforementioned Peter Bjorn & John albums because... well, why not!? It's also worth noting that SPIN-online debuted yet another Broken Swenglish EP track Wednesday morning, titled "Going Places," that's supposedly "about days when you want to hide from the world into almost a state of lethargy and just feel and travel through films," which sounds -- relate-able enough!

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