Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Less Than Bromance: Dustin Wong - "Foggy Cliffy Night Drive" (Thrill Jockey Records?)

After establishing what could best be described as a budding "bromance" with seasoned Less Than Jake bassist Roger Lima (@lessthanRAJ), experimental guitar virtuoso Dustin Wong simply Tweeted a rough new track, along with a quick micro-message: "some new sounds from a week ago : )." It's 2:34-worth of guitar-drenched hiccups that Wong's dubbed "Foggy Cliffy Night Drive" and essentially, the latest output to be added to his ever-growing post-Ponytail solo discography. Fresh on the heels of the conclusion to an expansive three-album arc, Meditation of Ecstatic Energy (2012), Dustin Wong seems to already be working on the proper follow-up to his latest September-released Thrill Jockey album. A self-proclaimed guitar loop and pedal innovator, Wong recently lamented to Ad-Hoc, "I had a show about a month ago [August] where I was using three loop pedals with different set-ups; it was all improvised, looping guitar and vocals. I was actually running my vocals through an Auto-Tune pedal and putting them through the same sequence as the guitar..." concerning his currently in-the-works, fragmented new album. It's unclear as to if and when a fully fleshed out version of "Foggy Cliffy Night Drive" could re-appear, but I'd say something with this much unhinged prospect could very well end up on said forthcoming album.

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