Monday, May 14, 2018

EQUIPTO & Brycon Present: The Watershed with Old Soul Kollective (Star Bakery/Solidarity/I Had An Accident Records & Gurp City Digital)

The Watershed are a San Francisco-based Hip-Hop crew consisting of emcees Equipto and Old Soul Kollective members MC Pauze & Professor Gabel, as well as producers Brycon, Old Soul Kollective beat-makers Baghead & Mcstravick, and emcee/producer Monk HTS. However, Monk HTS only contributed his emcees skills to Equipto & Brycon Present: The Watershed. The Watershed describes itself as a "multi-generational group" with a line-up consisting of both "vets and up-and-coming Frisco-bred talents (with one exception.)" I personally, heard about The Watershed just this past weekend from I Had An Accident Records (IHAA) label owner Damien Miller of Luke Sick & Damien fame; we were discussing one of IHAA's upcoming releases—Rabbi Max's TRANSATLANTIC tape—as well as The Watershed, along with Luke Sick & Damien's Strike The Clutch EP and Bonzo Speechless & Damien's Aberration. Prior to the release of Equipto & Brycon Present: The Watershed, just last week, Tuesday May 8th, The Watershed issued a number of pre-album singles, including "Real Dope," "The Sco," and "Swamp," as well as Clean Versions of 6 tracks from their full-length debut.

In addition to its seven core members, Equipto & Brycon Present: The Watershed features appearance from The Watershed friends and affiliates DJ Lotek1200, G-PEK (Gurp City,) LightBulb of Diamond Lung, Maitre'D, and Micah Aza. While Equipto & Brycon Present: The Watershed has a very early 2000's Bay Area Hip-Hop sound, which I would, personally, liken it to something similar to records from Talib Kweli & Mos Def AKA Black Star, Das Racist/Kool A.D. Homeboy Sandman, The Pack's "Vans," and Jurassic 5. The Watershed's debut Equipto & Brycon Present: The Watershed is currently available in a multitude of formats from Star Bakery Records, Solidarity Records, I Had An Accident Records & Gurp City Digital with limited edition cassettes (only 100!) still in stock at IHAA Records' Bandcamp page. Coming soon to I Had An Accident: 50 limited edition cassettes of Rabbi Max's TRANSATLANTIC mastered by Odd Nostam (6/1/18) and 25 super-limited edition cassette copies of Tenshun & Bonzo Speechless' collaborative effort, ODIOUS.

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