Friday, May 25, 2018

"Rolled Gold's Healthy A$$ Breakfast" Beat Tape Features Emcees O.H.M. Visto, Uncle Crimson, Reef The Lost Cauze & KAANG (self-released)

Rolled Gold's Healthy A$$ Breakfast is the latest release from Philly's finest producer, multi-instrumentalist, and beat-maker Harry Metz AKA Rolled Gold. It's equal parts salty and sweet and although, it's a concise one-track beat tape with "a quick 8-minutes of #flysh*t," Metz delivers an everything pretzel-esque blend of Old School Hip-Hop, Boom-Bap, Trap, 808 drum fills, and Soulful R&B. Stylistically, falling somewhere in-between an instrumental EP and a re-mixtape/blends album, Rolled Gold's Healthy A$$ Breakfast consists of 100% original material made up of assorted song scraps, unfinished takes, left-over, acapellas, remix snippets, etc; "each beat is made from live recordings of instruments played by Rolled Gold's friends, family, and himself, of course, and they all run into the next in a cohesive, somewhat "day in the life" [field recordings] manner," an emailed press release further specifies. Rolled Gold's Healthy A$$ Breakfast includes features from—in order of appearance—O.H.M. (@rapperOHM,) Visto (@MrVisto,) Uncle Crimson (@UncleCrim,) Reef The Lost Cauze (@LostCauze) & KAANG (@KaangGrooviin,) as well as The Nite Owls, his own Soul, Jazz & Soundtrack Music duo.

Rolled Gold and friends, essentially, created original Soul/Funk/Jazz/Hip-Hop instrumentals with the intent to sample themselves. Harry Metz, then, took unused acapellas from the aforementioned emcees and singers, Chopped & Screwed their acapellas, flipped his own instrumentalist samples, and meticulously sequenced said samples into one continuous 8-minute beat tape/original mix. For the remainder of 2018, Rolled Gold plans to serve up a few more scrumptious beat tapes, including lunch, dinner, and (maybe even?) dessert-themed EP's. For fans of Madlib, The Alchemist, Adrian Younge & Venice Dawn, J Dilla, and noname & Smino-affiliated producer Cam O'bi, Rolled Gold's Healthy A$$ Breakfast is now available to stream or purchase from Rolled Gold's treat-laden Bandcamp page. Rolled Gold's next release will likely, be his Career Crooks "Clock's Ticking" Remix created along with fellow Philadelphian Wino Willy, to be featured on Zilla Rocca & Small Professor's Thieving As Long As I'm Breathing remix album coming to Toronto-based imprint URBNET this upcoming June 13-14th.

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