Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Bewitch-Housing Biggie Smalls with Raekwon: oOoOO - "333" (Ghostface Remix)

Think about it: What if Biggie was the first masked Hip-Hophead to embrace and practice Illuminati? Passing everything he knew onto Jay-Z before his sudden, mystery-filled passing? Most likely, that's all just hearsay... but that'd actually be pretty damn cool! New Jersey-born Witch-House producer, oOoOO (Chris Dexter) uploaded a new track to Soundcloud earlier today, somewhat cryptically titled "333." It's actually a remix of Ghostface Killah's semi-recent track, "Three Bricks," which featured Raekwon and a recycled Biggie verse [See what I just did there!?]. Parts of this new edit mildly reminds me of oOoOO's past nearly unrecognizable remixed works: Lady GaGa, Corina, SALEM, and Nadia Oh.

"333" almost sounds like it could be The Illuminati's theme song, if it even exists. But I guess we'll never really know, 'cause it's a "secret society" and all that shit. oOoOO properly re-laces "Three Bricks" with plenty of ghostly wobbles, vocal fragments, drum hits, sludgy bass, thick distortion, etc. Chris Dexter just recently released his second EP, Our Love Is Hurting Us and announced 10 North American tour dates. He's currently prepping a full-length for Tri Angle Records in 2012-13.

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