Saturday, June 9, 2012

My Girl, Cleopatra VII: Frank Ocean - "Pyramids" (channel ORANGE, Parts 1-2)

Ancient Egypt was quite the area of interest for this guy right here was back in grade school... pyramids, King Tut, mummies, scarabs, The Nile, Spinx, etc. Frank Ocean really seems to share the same mutual admiration for Egypt, as his new 10-minute opus is affectionately titled "Pyramids." Friday [June 9th] was a BIG day for Mr. Ocean! It was later revealed that a mysterious trailer which was leaked in the early morning hours in fact contained both a new track and proper album release date; channel ORANGE, Frank Ocean's long-awaited debut LP, is finally slated to be unveiled on Def Jam July 17th. John Mayer supposedly managed to string together a guitar solo for "Pyramids'" mid-song tempo/stylistic shift.

Fresh off the heels of some Coldplay support dates, Frank Ocean announced his first full-fledged solo tour: Seattle-Chicago, running from July-early August. I guess it's pretty safe to assume that "Thinking About You" will re-appear as one of channel ORANGE's 17 rumored tracks. Honestly, anyone who's been a Frank Ocean fan since nostalgia, ultra [30-some FREE tracks] should be more than happy to pay a mere $10-15 for a hard copy of channel ORANGE upon it's wide-spread release within the next month or so. July 17th... mark your calendars!

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