Wednesday, June 27, 2012

LONGLIVE Dead Kennedys: Lana del Rey & A$AP Rocky - "National Anthem" (short film)

Just one day after posting it's looping 4-minute long trailer and mere hours after a collection of online remixes was released, Lana del Rey has unveiled the Anthony Mandler-directed music video short film for her track, "National Anthem." A pair of rising young stars each with a single album [mixtape] under their belt, I'm pretty sure that Lana del Rey & A$AP Rocky can relate to Jackie O. & JFK, the characters which they loosely portray throughout "National Anthem." Self-admitted fans of eachother's work(s), del Rey and Rocky first met over Winter 2011-12 while working together on a collaborative track. "Ridin'" was written/recorded along with The Kickdrums, hastily pulled from Follow The Leader, and appended onto A$AP Rocky's upcoming Sept. 11th debut LP, LONGLIVEA$AP.

Man, I can already tell that "National Anthem" is going to be one of those videos that everyone and their brother blogs bout, while no one really "gets" it. But everyone knows that it's supposed to be extremely "provocative" or something like that: Marilyn Monroe (Happy Birthday), political/multi-racial undertones, Americana, Hip-Hop booty-popping, The Kennedys, fast cars, and to paraphrase A$AP Rocky himself... "Some cool trippy shit, some real 2015 shit that no one's even going to actually [understand] for like 3 years!" Interscope plans to release "National Anthem" on July 4th, it's the fifth single pulled from Born 2 Die and that's available in stores now. A$AP Rocky's long-awaited $3 million record for Polo Grounds Music (Sony) is out this upcoming Sept. 11th. "Ridin,'" that previously-shelved collabo track with Lana del Rey is expected to appear somewhere within LONGLIVEA$AP - Tracklisted right alongside the likes of Pharrell, Santigold, Hit-Boy, and Skrillex!?

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