Sunday, June 10, 2012

Jungle Roots: Action Bronson & Party Supplies - "Steve Wynn" (Aaron Neville Sample)

Bottom line, Blue Chips is most likely the best mixtape of the year, even though it was released as early as March 2012. That really doesn't say much for Hip-Hop or music as a whole. Anyways... Action Bronson is a "Rap Singer" from Flushing, Queens who sounds like Ghostface Killah and looks like an Albanian Rick Ross. I has a chance to do an interview with Blue Chips' sole producer, Party Supplies (Justin), but yet again, my lack of phone interviewing skills got in the way and I kinda regret missing out on such a great opportunity. But shit, I hear that Action Bronson is currently hard @ work setting up All-Star features for "Blue Chips 2," so maybe I can initiate an interview to coincide with that one!

Constructed atop an old Aaron Neville sample (1973), "Steve Wynn" is quite arguably Blue Chips' strongest piece. Now it has a bath salts-fueled, revenge-filled music video to go along with it, which was directed by Rik Cordero. The bulk of Blue Chips was skillfully produced by Party Supplies using some pretty unorthodox techniques [Internet digging]; Justin Nealis ultimately layers samples pulled from The Four Seasons, "wild Japanese songs," Vietnamese Soul, Italian gangster flicks, Dean Martin, Rock "N" Roll, Ozark Mountain Daredevils, Iron Butterfly, Ohio Players, and even Extreme!? Do yourself a favor and download a copy of Action Bronson's splendid Blue Chips (mixtape). If you really dig "Steve Wynn," head on over to Reebok's YouTube channel for a live in-studio MPC version of the track. "Blue Chips 2," coming soon to an iPod near you... long with Rare Chandeliers, Mr. Wonderful, and Saab Stories.

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