Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Rap Game James Franco: Three Loco - "NEATO" (We Are Farmers... with RiFF RAFF)

I was originally going to do a feature-length spotlight [rising] post on Bizarro Internet rapper, RiFF RAFF, but I soon realized that my scope was far too broad for the average reader's attention span. So, like they tell you on those high school research papers... I decided to "narrow my topic range." While RiFF RAFF recently signed to Diplo's ever-growing Mad Decent record label and has released tracks with everyone from Action Bronson to Kitty Pryde, he has yet to unveil a proper full-length album. RiFF RAFF was notoriously axed from the cast of From G's to Gents on the second episode (2009). RiFF RAFF has since strategically aligned himself with Soulja Boy, Chief Keef, Lil Debbie [KREAYSHAWN], Wiz Khalifa, MOD SUN & Cisco Adler as his rap career slowly grows into something more and more prosperous.

Having all raked up reality [M]TV time, RiFF RAFF formed "Three Loco" along with fellow weirdly funny rappers, Dirt Nasty and Andy Milonakis. With an all too brief micro-discography in toe, Three Loco filmed a music video for "NEATO" with Trailer Park Boys director/creator, Mike Clattenburg. It's a painfully outrageous, debauchery-filled clip full of drugs, booze, hookers, etc. "NEATO"'s unique lyrical structure is something that should also be fully noted: 2-2-1. Andy Milonakis and RiFF RAFF each spit 2 short, choppy verses before Dirt Nasty or the hook even come in. When he finally shows up towards the track's middle section, Dirt Nasty appears to rise from the dead on the Las Vegas sidewalk in a 3-piece suit. Elsewhere, Derek Allen effectively manages to jack Farmers Insurance's commercial jingle for "We Are Farmers..." RiFF RAFF is currently working on his Mad Decent debut (2013) along with Diplo and it sounds like a Three Loco album is already " in the pipeline," too.

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