Thursday, June 28, 2012

whywithaquestionmark: Yoni Wolf & WHY? - "Sod In The Seed" (Bright Eyes Hip-Hop)

Yoni Wolf, the rapping son of Rabbi Wolf, often makes music that sounds like a dis-jointed mix between Bright Eyes and something like Beastie Boys or Beck. Equally loved/loathed by Hip-Hop and Indie Rock fans alike, WHY? have finally re-emerged from roughly 3 years of utter silence. While they've had a full-length completed since Summer 2011, WHY? are planning to release a new EP, Sod In The Seed, on August 14th first. Anticon uploaded "Sod In The Seed" (single) to their Soundcloud page just yesterday afternoon, along with the EP's interestingly painted cover art.

Right off the bat, Yoni Wolf comes in sounding all emo, a little bit like Bright Eyes... but fairly soon, WHY? laces up an Electronic bell-backed beat and Wolf starts rapping the shit out of "Sod In The Seed." In addition to all that, WHY? also announced a string of North American tour dates, running from August-Oct. along with some friends-collaborators: Serengeti, Doseone, DJ Thanksgiving Brown, Jel, and more. Sod In The Seed EP is out August 14th and WHY?'s proper follow-up to Eskimo Snow (2009) should be out by the late/early part of 2012-13.

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