Tuesday, June 5, 2012

CrimSane In The Membrane: CrimSane - "ChinaFastGrow" (Damian Abraham Demo)

It appears as though Fucked Up are pulling a "Beatles" - Taking a much-needed break from writing, recording, and playing shows. No word if inner-band emotions have actually played a part in the temporary split, but hopefully Fucked Up come back 10-fold after the break. Fucked Up's primary members are currently keeping fairly busy... logging time with a number of Hardcore Punk-tinged side endeavors. Young Guv & The Scuzz, CrimSane, baby-making, Looking for Gold, etc. For the record, frontman Damian Abraham is the one procreating and making new sounds with Matt Delong from No Warning and Violent Minds.

Earlier today, Stereogum writer Tom Breihan took the liberty of debuting CrimSane's premier Kushcore track, "ChinaFastGrow," which may or may not appear on an upcoming [possibly non-existant] EP/album release. Formerly known as "Criminally Insane" and then featuring Ben Cook (drums), the band previously released an underground 5-track Demo 7" way back in 2004. Fucked Up are however, planning to briefly re-form to fulfill a few prior commitments... festivals, tour dates, and such. Shit, I know that I'll be catching them LIVE @ Metallica's Orion Festival down in AC later on this month (June 23-24th)!

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