Monday, June 18, 2012

Rising: Kitty Pryde - "Okay Cupid" & "Orion's Belt" (Unsigned Young Lust)

Kitty Pryde is a 19-year-old rapper hailing from Daytona Beach, FL who almost sounds like a strange blend of Lil B #BASEDGOD and reigning Pop princess, Katy Perry. She's going through the same experiences/mishaps as your average middle American teen, except it's being re-told along with a clever Hip-Hop cadence: Facebook infidelity, prom date woes, non-repliant texters, boy troubles, etc. Kitty Pryde recently complied a 15-minute setlist for her first New York area show, which went down this past weekend. It's the accumulation of a discography that can all be easily downloaded over @ Bandcamp. "Okay Cupid" is essentially an ode to Pryde's 3-ring binder-solidified crush, Danny Brown. Director Brian McKay quickly filmed it's companion music video @ a friend's yardsale last month and it's received some 400,000+ YouTube views ever since. I'm not 100% sure if Kitty Pryde's being TOTALLY for real or not - Yeah, sometimes she sounds a little immature and silly, but I really think she's just rapping about what she knows best.

Right now, Kitty Pryde's complete "discography" consists of 2 EP's and some Bandamp Loosies: haha i'm sorry EP and the lizzie mcguire experience. The bulk of these tracks were haphazardly self-recorded into a shitty MacBook microphone, produced by Beautiful Lou, and sample a bunch of random stuff... Carly Rae Jepsen, J Dilla, MADVILLAIN, Nicki Minaj, MF DOOM, [The] Game, and Frank Ocean. For all you comic book lovers out there, yes, Kitty Pryde does in fact borrow her stage name from a popular X-men heroine. Supposedly, a handful of label execs. were @ The Knitting Factory [NYC] show over the weekend, so I wouldn't be completely surprised to hear news that Kitty Pryde inks a record deal sometime moderately soon. Since a music video for RiFF RAFF-assisted track, "Orion's Belt" was released late Monday afternoon, haha i'm sorry EP now has 2 visual components. But my personal favourite Kitty Pryde track is probably still "Thanks Kathryn Obvious" (lizzie mcguire exp).

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