Saturday, September 29, 2012

A Grand Don't Come for Free: The D.O.T. - "You Never Asked" (Danny Brown, Grime?)

I guess it's pretty safe to say that The Streets & The Music were 2 of the BIGGEST British Rock bands to break on "this side of the pond" [America] since The Beatles/Rolling Stones' 1960-70's Classic Rock heyday; After 10+ years of well-received hits, Mike Skinner recently dissolved The Streets (2011) and around the same time, The Music decided to call it quits, too. Skinner has since teamed up with The Music frontman, Rob Harvey, and now they're producing new music under the group name "The D.O.T." Following the online pre-release of a few rough demo singles, it seems as though The D.O.T. are ready to unveil the debut full-length, And That (Oct. 22-23rd). Man, I can literally remember it like it was yesterday... when I first heard The Streets' witty, back-handed rhymes on "Fit But You Know It," which was released on some random Rolling Stone/Budweiser comp. ha.

While Mike Skinner & Rob Harvey have self-released a handful of simple clips, "You Never Asked" is the first one that's really managed to draw MASSIVE amounts of attention from both fans and critics alike. Mike Skinner, a season rapper-producer, is really taking a backseat on this one... Having crafted a shit-ton of Hip-Hop Meets Dance Club stylized beats for Rob Harvey to smoothly croon over. Slightly disjointed ["headless"] versions of Skinner, Harvey, and guest vox from Clare Maguire and Danny Brown are almost haphazardly strewn across The D.O.T.'s music video. "You Never Asked" houses what seems to be the 2-3rd time that Mr. Brown has rapped on a Grime-tinged British track in recent memory. Once again, The D.O.T.'s long-awaited debut (And That) will be released on Mike Skinner's own imprint, The Beats this upcoming Oct. 22-23rd.

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