Monday, September 10, 2012

Search & Destroy: Iggy Pop & Ginger Baker - "Lonely Boy" (The Black Keys)

Iggy Pop & Ginger Baker are a couple of nearly unfathomable Rock "N" Roll legends; The kinda guys that are libel to have hooked up with your mother, grandmom, and sister back in their 1960-70's heyday! Iggy Pop is quite arguably considered "The Godfather of Punk" ... having slept with David Bowie, essentially invented the stagedive, cut himself with shards of glass during a live show, and then notoriously labelled as "crazy" by none other than Alice Cooper! Pop then then came into prominence with The Stooges, while Ginger Baker was the righteous drummer for Cream, Blind Faith, and more taste-makers. Film-maker/writer Jay Bulger attempted to capture the over-indulgent life and times of the now 73-year-old Jazz drumming madman in his documentary, "Beware of Mr. Baker" ... Bulger ultimately got to score interviews with Ginger Baker's friends-collaborators, chronicle his assorted hobbies, and when he finally got a chance to talk with his idol - Jay Bulgar managed to get socked square in the nose!

In a simple twist of fate, Ginger Baker & Iggy Pop have now linked up to record a faithful cover of The Black Keys' semi-recent hit single, "Lonely Boy." Cleopatra Records got a bunch of Blues/Rock "N" Roll vets together, and coaxed them to cover Black Keys tracks, which were then strewn together across Black On Blues. It's almost an ass-backwards concept, because I'm sure @ least a couple of these guys helped shape The Black Keys' Blues Rock-based sound. Oddly enough, "Lonely Boy" was actually released as the lead single on The Black Keys' 7th and most recent album, El Camino. But with that said, it's an AWESOMELY-executed cover... Ginger Baker's drumming is just as on-point as it was on "White Room" (1968) and Iggy Pop still OWNS that "get-into-a-black-tie-event, shirtless" Punk Rocker steez! Black On Blues has been available for your sheer consumption [enjoyment] since about mid-July. Dan Auerbach & Patrick Carney are supposedly already working on their untitled 8th studio album, which is roughly slated for a March 2013 world-wide release.

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