Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Zach Hill Family Band: Death Grips - "@deathgripz" (Adult Swim Single)

Death Grips are a compelling Experimental Hip-Hop band hailing from Sacramento, who somehow manage to comfortably straddle the "line in the sand" between underground/mainstream. Essentially fronted by Indie Rock drummer Zach Hill, the band also includes Stefan "MC Ride" Burnett and producer-keyboardist Andy Morin. Since transitioning from next door neighbors to bandmates in Dec. 2010, Death Grips self-released a STELLAR, sample-heavy mixtape called Ex-military and Death Grips EP. Going out on a serious limb, LA Reid signed them to Epic Records and together, they announced a MASSIVE 2-album plan for 2012. The Money Store was liberated to the masses on April 21st and it basically duals as their major label debut; It's gotta be the most weird, un-commercial, and aggressive label-funded project released since Neil Young's disastrous "Techno" album, Trans (1982).

Death Grips' latest track, "@deathgripz" was supposedly written/recorded during the album's formative sessions and ultimately, left off it's final 13-track sequencing. MC Ride has said that the track has no real stringent attachment to either The Money Store or NO LOVE DEEP WEB, which is now slated for an Oct. 23rd release. Death Grips ended up cancelling an entire tour that was originally set to run from May 18-July 1st, to work on finishing up NO LOVE instead. "@deathgripz" is actually named after the band's Twitter handle and showcases MC Ride "slowing his roll" a little bit... dialing back his usual shout-rapped flow over top of Zach Hill's drum-based, mildly Dance Club beat. Released just the other day in conjunction with Adult Swim, it'll appear as the final track in their 2012 [online] singles collection. Following Death Grips' D.I.Y. approach of recording real-life soundbites and producing unique output on a bare-bones budget; Their latest music video for "Double Helix" was completely filmed with just a couple SUV on-board/rearview cameras!

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