Wednesday, September 26, 2012

You Shook Me ALL Night Long: Jack Davey - "Howl at The Moon" (L0-F!, Side A)

Jack Davey is pretty widely known as the fashion-forward, genre-blending frontwoman of "Hip-Hop" group J*Davey, but now she's decided to branch out on her own... forging a solo career as a slightly more Rock "N" Roll-tinged sultry Funk-Soul songstress. Fresh off the heels of their long-awaited and [finally] self-released proper album, New Designer Drug and following the birth of her new-born son, Davey is readying her solo debut in 2 distinct parts; ILLAV8R is planning to liberate L0-F! Side A on Oct. 2nd, which Jack Davey simply describes as "a girl, her shitty guitar, and introspective songwriting." It's follow-up, Side B will see a Nov. 6th release, feature more instrumentation/advanced guitar techniques, and was produced by Joey Strat of The Knux. L0-F! Parts 1-2 will then be re-released together in a DELUXE edition with 3 bonus tracks on Dec. 11th!

"Howl at The Moon" mysteriously appeared in my Inbox late yesterday afternoon; Actively being pushed as L0-F! Side A's lead single, it's now up on iTunes and accompanied by director Devin Joplin's stark black-and-white clip. Jack Davey taught herself how to play Fender Strat on which the track's titular guitar riff is played ... mildly reminiscent of Blues-Rock virtuosos Muddy Waters or Howlin' Wolf and it's thumping drum lick kinda reminds me of Iggy Pop's dance-able Post-Punk [cult] classic, "Nightclubbing" (1977). Jack Davey's 2-part Rock EP was "[recorded] in her Koreatown apartment's walk-in closet during the few moments her newborn baby was asleep" and during the process, she was inspired by the likes of Nirvana, Lou Reed, David Bowie, and Bessie Smith. If you know what's good for your eardrums, mark 3 these dates down in your cell phone calendar: Oct. 2nd, Nov. 6th, and lastly Dec. 11th (L0-F! Side A-B).

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