Thursday, September 20, 2012

A Day In The Life: Diplo & JAHAN LENNON - "About That Life" (Mad Decent, Untitled?)

It's not really about Diplo or Zeb Malik, 2 left-field multi-instrumentalists hailing from the heart of Philly. It isn't even about stupid, in-descriptive genre classification(s). It's just "About That Life:" The plain and simple, every day is Saturday type of GOOD SHIT! The Mad Decent labelhead and super-producer who has semi-recently worked with Beyoncé, No Doubt, Usher, and Kid Cudi is finally gearing up to release his long-awaited follow-up LP to Florida (2004). Teaming up with JAHAN LENNON aka Zeb Malik from PO PO fame, who amidst inner-band fighting, have now disbanded after liberating their "debut album," DOPE BOY MAGICK (20012) ... Diplo has self-described "About That Life" as a Psychedelic Southern Gospel jam. Along with "Express Yourself," it'll eventually appear on Diplo's untitled 2012-13 solo record. Somehow making use of a bunch of instruments that're even pretty "weird" for adventurous guys like Diplo & PO PO: hand percussion, acoustic guitars, bongos, tambourines, flutes, and more trippy-sounding shit.

If you asked JAHAN LENNON how it went down, he'd tell you that "About That Life" was "basically [filmed while] hangin' in NYC w/ @LILINTERNET & @diplo for 24 hrs. and of course, the shit u can't see." LILINTERNET & Jack Cearnal co-directed the video, which was partially commissioned by KarmaloopTV. It features a bunch of quick, flashy images of JAHAN LENNON & Diplo surrounded by beautiful women, trippy color schemes, Christmas lights, wearing John Lennon sunglasses, draped in American flags, and a buncha other more [Hippy] shit! While "About That Life" was unveiled earlier today as part of Mad Decent's very own Jeffree's micro-imprint, it's also set to re-appear on Diplo's upcoming comeback album, which I'm sure will full materialize soon enough an feature some great guest verses. But for now, go ahead and download a FREE copy of "About That Life," compliments of Mad Decent/Soundcloud.

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