Saturday, September 8, 2012

Taylor Swift - "We Are NEVER, EVER Getting Back Together" (Furries Live Band?)

It kinda sucks, but it's just that time of year... with school back in session and all sorts of new-found "eye-candy" everywhere, highschoolers and college co-eds nation-wide are spontaneously breaking up with each other! Man, now even Taylor Swift has jumped on the fast-track to singlesville with the release of her latest single, "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together." While it could really be about almost any of her assorted ex-boyfriends from roughly 2010-12, it's more than likely either John Mayer or Taylor Lautner. I feel bad for T-Swift sometimes - All these dumb boys, always being so mean to her and stuff. But seriously, I hope she finds what she's really looking for in a companion sooner than later! Taylor Swift made sure to give the track a BIG, glitzy world premier make-over on the 2012 MTV VMA's the other night (closing performance). Like many 20-somethings her age, Swift has a new blossoming love interest to go along with this new Fall season: The esteemed Mr. Conor Kennedy.

"We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" will appear within Taylor Swift's upcoming fourth studio album - simply titled Red, which is currently slated for an Oct. 22nd release; Parts of the VMA performance casually echoed "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together"'s colorful music video... re-using the furry animal costumes for Swift's live band. It's continuous take video clip was directed by Delcan Whitebloom and the track itself was co-written along with producers Max Martin and Shellback. Like most of Taylor Swift's songs, "We Are Never..." was partially based on real-life events/experiences: Penned almost immediately after a fiend of one of Swift's exes came into the studio, lamenting about rumors of a possible reunion with an old flame. Swearing to never again repeat the vicious cycle of "break up, get back together, break up, get back together," Taylor Sift teamed up with the infamous production duo for this little piece of sheer Country-tinged Bubblegum Pop.

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