Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Dubstep Girls Are The Worsest: Trimbal - "Confidence Boost" (James Blake Harmonimix)

James Blake is basically the "Iggy Pop" of imported First Wave Dubstep, before it got all sugar-coated and mainstream [corny]. While it's a little unclear as to when it was originally stripped down and mixed together, "Confidence Boost" is a James Blake Harmonimix of a track that was first released back on Soulfood, Vol. 2: Lyriks (2007). Blake has brutally remixed Grime emcee Trim's hard-hitting composition into something completely different... Skrillex could definitely learn a few things! Although, Pitchfork went on to point out that this isn't just a mere remix, it's a newly-recorded, suped-up version. Let's just call it "Confidence Boost (2.0)," for argument's sake and man, this is a CRAZY/cool breed of Hip-Hop that's in a category all of it's own! James Blake is quite arguably the most Soulful white dude in contemporary music since Hall & Oates made their ever-lasting mark on Soft Rock back in the late 1970-80's!

James Blake (2001) was honestly, one of the most Soulful, atmospheric albums I've ever heard and now I'll listen to damn near ANYTHING he puts out. It seems like James Blake manged to flip a sample of Trim rhyming, "strike a pose" ... that's now been pitched up and re-appropriated as the song's eerie integral hook; Blake is indeed a Funky-ass white man with a serious helping of Soul and Passion of The Weiss really said it best, "[his] music is infinitely better when he works with black voices." Rollo Jackson directed the Monday afternoon liberated music video for "Confidence Boost," which features brief cameos from both Trim & James Blake. The pair's Confidence Boost/Saying 7" will become widely available on Sept. 24-25th through Blake's label imprint, R&S Records.

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