Monday, January 21, 2013

Bikini's & Big Booties... Harmony Korine Presents: "Spring Breakers" (Trailer #1)

Spring Breakers seems like one of those Pop Culture-ragging statement piece/art films that NO ONE's gonna get, which'll likely get dismissed as yet another alcohol-soaked PARTY flick. Having directed a handful of "cult classic" status short films and music videos for everyone from Die Antwoord to The Black Keys, Harmony Korine is finally attempting to bridge the gap between independent semi-success and mainstream recognition. After months of post-Cannes Internet buzz, Spring Breakers first full-length trailer was unleashed late Friday afternoon. It's primary cast includes former Disney starlets Selena Gomez & Vaness Hudgens, James Franco, Gucci Mane, Ashley Benson, and his wife Rachel. Some of Harmony Korine's past work(s) encompass Gummo, Kids, Above The Below, Mister Lonely, and The Fourth Dimension.

It all starts when "Four college girls who land in jail after robbing a restaurant in order to fund their spring break vacation find themselves bailed out by a [drug-dealing rapper] who wants them to do some dirty work." While the trailer's pretty brief, we still manage to catch a glimpse of a corn-rowed James Franco, Day-Glo bikini's galore, gun-toting hotties, ski-masked armed robbery, a sloppy Britney Spears cover, an original Skrillex/Gucci Mane score, etc. Like the bulk of Harmony Korine's past work, Spring Breakers has an eerie underlying sinister tone juxtaposed against youth rebellion; It's set to ROCK theatres nation-wide come March 22nd, which'll probably inspire college co-eds to commit debaucherous acts and upset Dr. Phil, Maury, and your mom!

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