Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Insensitive Hip-Hop?: Sean Price - "The Genesis of The Omega" (Ruck Down)

On some REAL levels, the only emcees that could/should even attempt to lyrically out-rap Sean Price are Action Bronson, Raekwon, and Ghostface. After while, they'd probably have to somehow channel and combine their skills into one MASSIVE "sonic punch," which still wouldn't even make a dent! What I'm trying to say is that Sean Price is a FAN-FUCKING-TASTIC, criminally under-rated rapper, who's well-respected by Hip-Hop heads, Illuminati and critics alike. Price spreads a thick layer of clever, buttery smooth rapid-fire verses across his latest full-length, Mic Tyson. Honestly, it's a surprisingly short 15-track Hip-Hop album that clocks in @ just under 38 minutes. But even in a 2-3 minute time frame/track, 40-year-old Sean Mandela still manages to conjure up aggressive rhyme schemes that would easily knock out [scare away] almost any run-of-the-mill rapper.

Eccentric hood rich Hip-Hop blogger BIG GHOST fittingly describes your typical Mic Tyson fan as "muthafuckas who sniff battery acid n brush they teeth wit bleach," amongst other zany attributes ha. Now, we're talking about a record that effortlessly manages to name-check Hanna-Barbera, Malachi York, Ronald McDonald, Richard Bey, Ving Rhames, Soloman Grundy, Heatmiser, etc. in roughly 20+ minutes! "The Genesis of The Omega" [beginning of the end], Mic Tyson's opening track is laid over a hard-hitting Prog Rock beat that The Alchemist pulled from a band called Ananta (1978). Sean Price laces it up with simple, yet effective one-two punch wordplay; It's hard to pick favourite tracks here cause they're all so Goddamn strong, but "Genesis" is one Hell of a memorable album intro! Todd Angkasuwan directed a creepy companion music video that features an axe-wielding, flannel-clad Sean Price in the woods with a bound, tied, and gagged blonde chick ... Duck Down/Red Bull released a bunch of highly amusing clips leading up to Mic Tyson's October 30th release date: Ace of The Baseline (Tennis), Reviews Twilight, Sean-wuar vs. Pharoahe Monch, Hurricane Sandy, Painting with Sean Ross, and How Sean P! Stole Christmas.

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