Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Future Sex/Love Sounds: Surfer Blood - "Weird Shapes" (West Coast Tour)

Despite or maybe because of frontman John Paul Pitts' little "domestic dispute" SNAFU, Surfer Blood's long-awaited Astro Coast (2010) follow-up is finally nearing release; Pythons is the West Palm Beach band's first album for new label Warner Bros. and will see a nation-wide release during Summer 2013. Surfer Blood quietly unveiled lead single, "Weird Shapes" Monday afternoon, which was uploaded to their website for email subscription/download. Pythons was recorded in Hollywood with producer Gil Norton (Foo Fighters), amplified through Pixies guitarist Joey Santaigo's stack, then mixed by Rob Schnapf, and somehow received the Timbaland stamp of approval. Surfer Blood have a few California dates lined up, running from Feb. 24-March 3rd, and wrapping up @ SXSW.

"Weird Shapes" sounds like a sun-soaked Power Pop hybrid between Weezer and Blink-182. I can faintly hear someone shouting, "shaking down, breaking ground/hit the ground" @ the end of each verse, which vaguely reminds me of Fall Out Boy's minor break-out hit, "Saturday" (2003). Pythons will essentially be Surfer Blood's first LP with a new, slightly altered line-up: John Paul Pitts, Thomas Fekete, Tyler "TJ" Schwarz, and Kevin Williams. Marking the departure of founding members Brian Black and Marcos Marchesani, who're hopefully planning to focus full-time on their Noise-Punk [Hardcore] band, WEIRD WIVES.

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