Friday, January 18, 2013

VICE Records Presents: SAMUEL L. BRONSON? - "Larry Csonka" (New Zealand)

Action Bronson has quickly risen through the ranks of [New School] Hip-Hop since releasing his Indie debut album, Dr. Lecter (2011), partially due to his charismatic personality and sheer rapping skills. He managed to produce 2 of last year's best mixtape collections with Rare Chandeliers/Blue Chips. Even though he semi-recently inked a major label deal with VICE Records, Bronson still manages to keep his good ol' Internet hits in regular rotation, too; Artsy Films shot live footage of Action Bronson performing "Larry Csonka" @ San Francisco Bath House (New Zealand) from last Friday, Jan. 11th.

It's really the kinda thing that makes you slightly re-evaluate your life and ask yourself, "Why the fuck haven't I been to an Action Bronson show yet!?" The top chef-turned-rapper aimlessly navigates his way through the wall-to-wall packed Wellington, NZ venue, mic and milkshake in hand... as fans [sloppily] attempt to pass him blunts, beer, a baseball cap, lace panties, and even a vacuum-sealed steak! In addition to his 2013 VICE Records full-length, Action Bronson's pretty busy working on a few mixtapes, too: Mr. Wonderful, Saab Stories, and Blue Chips #2, which're each fully produced by Tommy Mas, Harry Fraud, and Party Supplies (respectively).

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