Sunday, September 15, 2013

Adult Swim Presents: Action Bronson & RiFF RAFF - "Long Pinky" (Beautiful Lou)

While last week's "new track" turned out to be a fraudulent remix, Action Bronson has since teamed up with beat-maker Beautiful Lou and Twitter persona/rapper RiFF RAFF; "Long Pinky" is the final track in Adult Swim's summer-long singles series, which will be re-upped online for FREE come Monday. RiFF RAFF recently described himself in 140 characters or less, of course, as: "AN ALL-AMERiCAN ALL-STAR... iF U DONT LiKE HiM, THEN U WiLL BE FORCED iNTO EXiLE iN GUAM & EAT EXPiRED GOAT MiLK FOREVER." Action Bronson & RiFF RAFF previously traded bars on the Harry Fraud-produced "Bird On a Wire" (2012) and RiFF RAFF had a brief cameo appearance in Bronson's blistering VICE Records-backed "Strictly 4 My Jeeps" video-single.

While this time around, it was kitty [pryde]'s former collaborator Beautiful Lou who reunited the 2 rapping friends, they'll be appearing together on Diplo's upcoming Revolution EP (October 8th). City Morgue NYC has created a limited edition tour-only/online T-shirt to commemorate Action Bronson & Danny Brown's impending 2 High 2 Die Tour; along with Odd Future-affiliated Hardcore Punk band Trash Talk, they're planning to wreak havoc across the US from Sept. 8-Oct. 5th... including a stop at South Philly's very own TLA venue, which my lovely lady and I will be seeing! But let's just hope and pray to the almighty Hip-Hop mega-gods that "Long Pinky" is merely the first [second] in what ends up being a long line of Action Bronson & RiFF RAFF team-ups, be it a full-length mixtape/EP, a buddy-cop movie, or even an adult-minded cartoon series.

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