Monday, September 2, 2013

Introducing: Chance The Rapper... Lil' Wayne - "Your Song" (Nate Fox, Peter Cottontale & Cam)

It's pretty safe to say that Chance The Rapper is quite easily the best thing to come out of Chicago since Kanye was a virtually unknown producer, making Soulful beats for Blueprint-era Jay-Z. His latest mixtape, Acid Rap is 13 tracks-worth of sheer drug-fueled Psych-Rap weirdness; at just 19, Chance has already worked with now defunct Kids These Days, Hannibal Buress, J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League, Nosaj Thing, Action Bronson, Twista, Jake-One, Childish Gambino, Ab-Soul, Blended Babies, etc. After the nearly insta-success of Acid Rap, Lil' Wayne's people recently came a'calling for Chance The Rapper and co-producers Nate Fox, Peter Cottontale & Cam to conjure up a collaborative track.

Nate Fox recounted the almost unbelievable scenario to Complex just the other day: "Chance texted me saying, "Come to the studio at 11." I get there at 11, and it's me and Peter, Cam, Chance, and Pat, and everybody's there. And he pulls us to the side and he's like "So,... we have to make a song for Dedication 5...tonight." We were like, "OK for sure, whatever you say." And Chance was like, "No, for real, they called me, they said I can send them whatever I want. Not like [Lil'] Wayne has a song for me, Wayne NEEDS a song from me!" "Your Song" is actually 1 of 29 tracks off Dedication 5 and one of the few original tracks, which is based around a "The Way You Make Me Feel" (a capella) sample. It really sounds more like a Chance The Rapper track featuring Lil' Wayne, that kinda harkens back to his arguably superior Tha Carter II-III era flow.

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