Thursday, September 12, 2013

Intergalactic Planetary-Man: Sh*t Robot & Reggie Watts - "We Got a Love" (DFA Records)

"We Got a Love" is Side 2 of a recent limited edition DFA Records black label 12" featuring The Juan Maclean/Shit Robot (500 numbered). "Shit Robot brings in famed stand-up comedian (and closet Soul vocalist) Reggie Watts, whose incredible voice glides from falsetto to baritone in a single verse. The combination of the deep bass lines, wild voice, and piano stabs weaving in and out make this one of the strongest and unique singles in the Shit Robot catalog," as a fairly well-written label-crafted press release puts it. Premiered over at PitchforkTV Wednesday afternoon, "We Got a Love"'s companion Tom Keneny-directed video ingeniously stars some sort of intergalactic-faced spaceman doing pretty average things; shootin' hoops, getting a haircut, taking public transit, a little gambling, drinking coffee, playing piano, and just walking around the city. Keneny really makes quite the awesome and inventive use of cutting-edge CGI special effects, if I do say so myself! It's kinda a shame that Reggie Watts didn't get a chance to beat-box and construct a glitched-out beat from the ground up, like he usually does. But I guess Marcus Lambkin aka Shit Robot is just a struggling Electro-Dance producer in his own right, too. Shit Robot re-released "We Got a Love" digitally on iTunes earlier today and plan to unleash a full 12" in October, complete with a few remixes.

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