Thursday, September 5, 2013

Stones Throw Presents: Jonwayne - "Reflection" (Formerly, Bohemian Rap CD)

Following the recent conclusion of his 3-part Cassette series, Jonwayne can now concentrate 100% of his focus on his long-awaited Stones Throw full-length; Formerly titled "Bohemian Rap CD," it's now called Rap Album 1 and cleverly sports a saltine cracker strewn across it's cover (likely a nod to how far "white boys" have come in Hip-Hop ha). While he was actually born Jon[athan] Wayne, the budding emcee kinda swagger-jacked the other, more infamous John Wayne's birth-right for his latest mixtape, Marion Morrison (Cassette 3). "Reflection" is just one of 11 largely self-produced tracks culled from Rap Album 1, which drops October 29th and is currently available for pre-order. Stones Throw liberated what Jonwayne later effectively dubbed a non-single mid-Wednesday afternoon; as Wayne perfectly put it, "If you don't like "Reflection," give yourself some time to adjust to new ideas in Hip-Hop and then listen again."

He's spent the last year and some change revising, recording, editing, mixing, mastering... and having buddy Quelle Chris re-record "drink a tall glass of pu$$y for breakfast" close to 40+ times. Rap Album 1 features sparse production/vocal contributions from a bunch of Jonwayne's fellow Alt. Hip-Hop cohorts: Scoop DeVille, Zeroh, Quelle Chris, D-Styles, and MNDSNG, although nothing from his recently-added Digital Diamonds bandmate, Chuck Inglish. What I've included here is a fan-made quasi-music video for "Gross" because Jonwayne has yet to release any sort of proper-looking video (aside from a Quakers cameo). But hopefully, with his impending Stones Throw debut in the pipeline, that'll soon change! For Jonwayne new-comers, I'd highly recommend Cassette 1, Marion Morrison, and Jonwayne Fucks Disney to hold you over 'til then; It's 3 collections-worth of hard-hitting beats, stone cold raps, CLASSIC Disney samples, a ruthless Pusha T freestyle, etc.

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