Thursday, September 19, 2013

Hesitation Marks: Isaiah Toothtaker & Jacob Safari - "ИOTHING EP" (Noisey Premier)

Just as Trent Reznor re-formed Nine Inch Nails after a nearly 5 year hiatus for their recent Hesitation Marks album and an upcoming 54-date world tour, comes the first full-fledged NIN sample-based Hip-Hop project: Isaiah Toothtaker & Jacob Safari's ИOTHING EP! The aspiring Arizona-based rapper and one-time WAVVES drummer constructed 8 tracks-worth of beats using unlicensed samples; ranging from "A Warm Place" to "The Day The World Went Away," hand-picked from across NIN's broad-spanning discography. "It’s far from Linkin Park. God damn no. Ain't no Aerosmith and Run-DMC, ain't no Coldplay and Kanye shit, ain't no Onyx and Biohazard shit," Isaiah Toothtaker lamented to The Kid Mero at Noisey, who premiered ИOTHING EP. "This is a proper hit. Nine Inch Nails are some weirdos but so is Young Thug, you feel me?" he continued.

Honestly, they're really on to something here, if you think about it... because over the years, Trent Reznor has only had a brief affiliation with the world of Hip-Hop; either working with or mentioning El-P, Dr. Dre, Saul Williams, and Kanye. Isaiah Toothtaker is supposedly a tattoo artist by day who's only been on the Hip-Hop blog radar for about a year, yet has already recorded material with Harry Fraud, Gunplay, Max B from "behind bars," Sixtoo, The Hood Internet, etc. Contrary to what The Kid Mero might believe, Jake Safari isn't a "DORA THE EXPLORER CHARACTER," even though he may kinda sound like one. Safari [Cooper] has been actively working as an Indie Rock musician, remixer, producer, songwriter, and DJ in and around Tuscon, AZ since 2003. He was previously a member of both WAVVES and The Mae Shi, and sporadically records as either Bark Bark Bark (solo) or Signals with former bandmates/brothers Bill & Jon Gray.

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