Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Beauty N The Beast: A$AP Rocky & Baauer - "Riot Rave" (Intrumental Hip-Hop)

"It's really druggy, ambient sh*t... I think people are gonna be intrigued by it because it's actually good," A$AP Rocky told MTV News about his debut instrumental Hip-Hop album, which was then rumored for a Summer 2013 FREE-release. "The name of it is Beauty [N] The Beast: Slowed Down Sessions, Chapter 1. And it's because everything is like classical beautiful music and boom-bap Wu-Tang sh*t mixed together," he continued. Rocky unleashed the album's first track, "Riot Rave" late Monday night, nearly nine months after it's initial announcement. Internet meme-phenom Baauer helped co-produce the track alongside A$AP Rocky, who previously self-produced "Fashion Killa" from his own LONGLIVEA$AP album; directors Kostas Seremitis, Danilo Parra, and A$AP Rocky unveiled a 3-panel split-screen guerrilla-style "art video" that supposedly features "real life rioting" in accompaniment with "Riot Rave" (credited to LORD FLVCKO). It even manages to re-purpose a scene from Beauty & The Beast at one point, as well as quick glimpses of inner-city rioting, wave-forms, various roaring beasts, intricate statue busts, skateboard tricks, and scenes of utter disarray. Mind you, this isn't the first time Rocky's worked with an EDM-leaning producer; as he's previously recorded tracks with both Skrillex and Gesaffelstein, "Wild for The Night" and "In Distress" respectively. Just mere minutes after uploading "Riot Rave," A$AP Rocky released yet another Beauty N The Beast SDSCH.1 track, "Unicorn." It's essentially a slowed down and slightly beefed up version of Tame Impala's break-out hit, "Feels Like We Only Go Backwards." While it's unclear as to when Beauty N The Beast will see an eventual release, Rocky previously stated that he's just randomly "gonna drop it for free online and have visuals to [go along with] it."

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