Sunday, March 16, 2014

Victory Is In My Clutches: Jay Electronica - "Better In Tune with The Infinate" (Act II?)

There's an old English proverb that goes something like "just ask and you shall receive," a phrase which Twitter user @Erick_Grady can whole-heartedly attest to; he initially Tweeted, "@JayElectronica I think this would be a perfect time for you to drop that "Better In Tune" record" late Friday night. Following a week full of random photo-opps at SXSW, the reclusive rapper almost immediately uploaded "Better In Tune with The Infinite" from his long-rumored Act II: Patents of Nobility (the turn) to his newly-formed CRACKTRACKS Soundcloud account, FACT further reports that "Better In Tune" actually lifts it's string-based instrumental from Japanese composer Ryuichi Sakamoto's piece, "Bibo No Aozona" (2006). It also manages to inter-splice a re-appropriated intro speech from The Wizard of Oz, spoken word dialog from Nation of Islam leader Elijah Muhammad, and the lush vocal stylings of LaTonya Givens. Jay Electronica ferociously raps, post double-intro, "It's frustratin' when you just can't express yourself / and it's hard to trust enough to undress yourself / to stand exposed and naked, in a world full of hatred / where the sick thoughts of mankind control all the sacred..." While it's worth dually noting that Electronica's collective [official] discography only includes a handful of tracks released in-between 2007-14, he's manged to record tons of critically-acclaimed genre-defining features with everyone from Yasiin Bey (formerly Mos Def) to Mac Miller. Although it has yet to see an form of tell-tale signs of a solid release, Act II was supposedly completed and turned in to label-head Jay Z and Roc-Nation around March 2012; Jay Electronica even Tweeted a screen-grab of the album's feature-heavy 15-song tracklist the following summer.

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