Thursday, March 20, 2014

Long Winter Presents: F*#ked Up - "Paper The House" (Matador Records)

"This album is about growing up, and that second coming of age you have when you're already an adult. It's about being a grown-up and having a job and responsibilities and still feeling fragile and uncertain," Fucked Up guitarist and songwriter Mike Haliechuk recently told Consequence of Sound about their upcoming new album, Glass Boys. "It's also about us being in a band for 12-13 years, and what started as this weird hobby has become almost like a job," he continued. Matador Records will unleash the slightly "more chill and less OCD" record in comparison against their concept album, David Comes to Life (2011) on June 3rd; the skull-bashing Canadian Hardcore band secretly recorded Glass Boys between April 2013 and Feb. 2014 with veteran producer Bill Skibbe at his privately-owned Key Club Recording Company. Fucked Up's righteously poppy pseudo-lead single, "Paper The House" was actually filmed by Scott Cudmore and Jeremy Jansen at a very recent album preview show held at Long Winter just about two weeks ago.

"Fucked Up have seemingly turned themselves into the world's nastiest, most muscular Power-Pop band," as Rolling Stone writer Stuart Berman points out; an odd sentiment, which frontman Damian Abraham still seems to be coming to grips with -- that sheer dichotomy, straddling the underground and mainstream, seemingly helped fuel Glass Boys' creation. Stereogum head-writer Tom Breihan traveled up to Toronto earlier this winter to hang out with Fucked Up for the better part of a week during the recording sessions of what would eventually become Glass Boys. His lengthy piece further [mis]labels Damian Abraham as a "music-business insider" who's current state of mind can simply be summed up but this intriguing pull-quote: "It's about being in a 'subversive' young people band and waking up twelve years later and being like, 'We're not young people anymore. Where do we fit now?' It's about recognizing that the idealistic 'fuck this entire music industry' person that you were doesn't jibe with the person that requires the music industry to sustain their life." Glass Boys is currently available for pre-order in either CD, LP, or double LP formats (with optional tote bag). The aforementioned limited edition 2xLP features an alternate mix, which has drummer Jonah Falco's percussive parts recorded at half-time for whatever reasons. Oi!

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