Sunday, March 2, 2014

West Coast Hip-Hop Revival: Snoop Dogg & Madlib - "Cadillacs" (Stones Throw?)

While I was away for the weekend, gallivanting around Lancaster County with my beautiful girlfriend, it looks like West Coast Hip-Hop purists Snoop Dogg & Madlib have unexpectedly teamed up for a collaborative track. Whether or not they actually recorded "Cadillacs" together in one studio, Snoop[zilla] and Madlib's recent collaboration was more than likely kick-started by 7 Days of Funk producer and fellow Stones Throw labelmate, Dâm-Funk. It's a smooth 1990's reminiscent G-Funk-laden Hip-Hop BANGER that was quietly leaked over the weekend, just mere hours ahead of Snoop Dogg & DJ Drama's latest That's My Work (3) mixtape series installment; tech-savvy Hip-Hop heads might recognize the beat from Detroit R&B-Funk band One Way's 1982-released eventual breakbeat classic, "Cutie Pie." While little else is known about the track or any possible future collaborations, judging by Snoop's recently adopted producer/album tendencies, ie: Major Lazer (Diplo) and Dâm-Funk... a full-length Madlib-produced record really doesn't seem all that unlikely! With that said, I guess it wouldn't hurt to keep an eye on Stones Throw and sister-site Rappcats in the coming months for further details.

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