Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The Alchemist, Action Bronson, A$ton Matthews & J. Rocc - "With My Soul" (Get On Down)

Rare Chandeliers sample mastermind and former Eminem in-house producer The Alchemist has already released two full-length projects so far this year and is gearing up to unleash a third; The Good Book is the unofficial follow-up to critically-acclimated Lord Steppington and Albert Einstein. Get On Down currently has The Good Book available for pre-order in a number of Bible-inspired formats, ahead of it's planned April 11th wide-release. Alchemist further described The Good Book as a "double album audio collage [where] I did one side and my bro Budgie did the other." They've prepared two exclusive physical versions, 1000 Bible-like packages with a 2-CD stash spot and 50 deluxe editions complete with a MicroG G-Pen and a copy of the BAU All Is Fair album. Along with the proper album announcement, BAU Music released a second single from The Alchemist's side of the project, "With My Soul" assisted by buddies Action Bronson, A$ton Matthews, and resident Stones Throw DJ J. Rocc. It's accented by a number of Gospel-tinged samples, random audio soundbites, and lush horn flourishes; "It's me. What if Allen Iverson was Chinese riding on a Harley in [...] / Me and A$ton throwing chopper parties / come through the court room with three lawyers / The snub nose look like Verne Troyer," Bronson feverishly rhymes during the track's opening bars. Stay tuned for more details concerning The Good Book and make sure to keep an eye out for Party Supplies, Action Bronson, and The Alchemist's rumored collaborative 1980's cross-genre EP project, Jericho.

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