Friday, March 7, 2014

Noisey's Dan Ozzi Presents: Jake Bowman's Crust Punk/Hip-Hop Leftöver Crack & Kanye Mash-up "Leftöver Kanye" (self-released)

I guess I've been experiencing somewhat of a writer's block spell for the better part of this past week, maybe I'm just uninspired... or maybe the state of popular music as a whole has seen better days; all week long, I've just wanted to write two solid Punk Rock and Hip-Hop pieces, but nothing worth-while had really piqued my interest(s) thusfar. Although all that immediately changed once I read Noisey editor Dan Ozzi's latest piece, titled "Kanye West and Crustpunk: Together at Last." It makes completely logical sense, considering Kanye's recent genre-pulverizing Industrial-Rap monster of an album, Yeezus and I honestly feel that this is something he'd really enjoy listening to. Ozzi further describes the Jake Bowman-orchestrated mash-up album as "sort of an odd pairing, putting Kanye's pompous rap verses over that crack rock-steady beat." He additionally notes that "most of Kanye's fans probably wouldn't know the difference between Crustpunk and Daft Punk and most of Leftöver Crack's fans won't be able to hear this until they go to the suburbs and use their parents' wifi." While it doesn't exactly utilize any Yeezus-era verses, Leftöver Crack does in fact manage to haphazardly mangle and re-assemble "POWER," "We Major," "Diamonds from Sierra Leone," "Barry Bonds," "All Falls Down," "Two Words" [above], and a few more. For good measure, I've included the hauntingly brief trailer for Kanye's upcoming Hype Williams-directed Yeezus tour docu-film within this post, as well, which was unleashed last month with little to no further release details.

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