Thursday, February 23, 2017

3 Feet High & Rising: Jazz Pianist & Beat-maker Kiefer Evokes Herbie Hancock, J Dilla & Vince Guaraldi On Debut Sinlge, "Kickinit Alone" (Stones Throw/LEAVING RECORDS)

"Californian keyboardist and beat-maker Kiefer (birth name Kiefer Shackelford) drops his debut LP with enough Jazz piano chops to transform LA's Low End Theory into a smokey speakeasy. Catch Kiefer crushing the stage NOW in the touring Mndsgn LIVE trio (Ringgo, Swarvy & Kiefer). Kickinit Alone is available now exclusively through our partners at Stones Throw Records. World-wide digital and cassette release March 3rd, 2017," reads an album-announcing statement uploaded to LEAVING RECORDS' on-site blog Wednesday. Kiefer's only prior studio appearances were on LEAVING label mate Swarvy's "Spam Grease" from his Electronic/Soul-Funk album Elderberry and "Akasha (Piano)" from Mndsgn & Nanna B's collaborative Akasha 7-inch from Stones Throw & LEAVING RECORDS sister label, Akashik Records & Tapes.

Along with the album release announcement, Kiefer unleashed title track, "Kickinit Alone," which in my humble opinion, sounds something like a classic Vince Guaraldi Peanuts composition with Jazz pianist Herbie Hancock on keys and an MPC breakbeat compliments of J Dilla; ahead of Kickinit Alone's album announcement, LEAVING RECORDS previously uploaded an additional Prince title-evoking teaser track, "U R What U Repeatedly Do." Kiefer's personal Soundcloud page included roughly 20-30 song sketches and demos about two weeks ago, but has now been reduced to a mere 10-track assortment, which still offers a unique view into the keyboard-playing beat-maker's mind during the album-making process. Kickinit Alone is currently available for pre-order on vinyl and digital download from Stones Throw with vinyl pre-orders expected to ship by May 5th. Kickinit Alone, however, will become available digitally and on cassette next Friday, March 3rd—including a LEAVING RECORDS "cassette-exclusive hidden bonus bootleg Jazz track."

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