Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Jumbled & Dwell (Bully Preston) Unleash Family Guy-sampling "Bully Kong" Ahead of ROTTEN TONAL ANGER CLINT.'S 40TH BDAY BASH! at Baltimore's The Sidebar (Friday 2/24 at 9:30pm)

"Are you havin' a bully day? I'm havin' a bully day! Is everyone havin' a bully day? Bully! Bully! Yes, bully!" Peter Griffin's great-grandfather Turn of The Century Take On All-Comers Griffin proclaimed during a boxing match with a kangaroo within a 2007 Family Guy episode titled The Tan Aquatic with Steve Zissou. John "Jumbled" Bachman, Baltimore engineering teacher by day and cartoon-loving beatsmith by night recently utilized the aforementioned bit of Family Guy-culled dialogue and expertly turned it into the introductory sample for "Bully Kong" from his newly-minted rapper-producer group, Bully Preston with long-time collaborator Dwell. "Bully Kong"—billed as "[the] new single from the Bully Preston project"—serves as the second release from Bully Preston, preceded by fittingly-titled "Bang The Bongo" from Jumbled's recent Action Shots EP; Jumbled & Dwell first worked together on Harford and Reckord #002 Keep Diggin' (2009) on which Dwell recorded, mix, and even rhymed on "8 Million Stories." Dwell then went on to appeared on "You Already Know" from Monster Jam, Napalm Def's "Underground" and "If You're Feeling Me (Then Follow Me)" Live from Our Only Escape Vol. 1, "Give Praise" from Our Only Escape Vol. 2, "Train of Thought" with salk. from [I wish it was longer], and a mysterious 2011 Pre-Bully, BULLY Track, "'llatio single."

Jumbled additionally urged me to actively spread the word that there were two more note-worthy singles from Baltimore artists released Monday, Feb. 20th in tandem with "Bully Kong:" Height Keech's Stereogum-premiered "Dead Rider Ride On" from his forthcoming MIND MOVES THE MOUNTAIN and Drew Scott's self-produced "Porcelain" featuring fellow Baltimoreans Hemlock Ernst AKA Future Islands frontman Sam Herring, Eze Jackson, and 83cutlass. It appears as though some sort of proper Jumbled-helmed Bully Preston release is currently in-the-works or nearing release—be it a mixtape, EP, or full-length album. "Bully Kong" was unleashed just in time to whet fans' appetites who might be considering attending "ROTTEN TONAL ANGER 40TH BDAY BASH! come celebrate 40 years of clint's life, failures & f**k-ups!" this upcoming Friday, Feb. 24th at The Sidebar in Baltimore. It's being billed as "grindcore and beats and rhymes" from local favorites JSAKABITB, Bumfeeder, Drugs of Faith, Neck Breather, Durian, Castration Rite, and a Bully Preston-centric headlining set from Jumbled, Dwell & salk. (Clint himself). Anyone interested in potentially attending Clint's 40th Bday Show have been asked to RSVP on John Bachman's Facebook Event page, readily invite their closest friends and mortal enemies, and are urged to arrive at The Sidebar prior to the show's 9:30pm start time for a fun-filled night of Grind/Metal, Grindcore, Powerviolence, Bmore Hip-Hop, and birthday festivities at 218 E. Lexington Street, Baltimore, Maryland 21202.

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