Monday, February 13, 2017

Eric Biddines Unleashes @TheInfamousJC-directed Slow Jam "Rushing Forever" from The Local Cafe Just In Time for Valentine's Day (Juggernaut Sound Productions)

"In "Rushing Forever," it starts me trying to impress this girl with my game. We thought it would be cool to incorporate tennis because they have the love term "and... sometimes relationships can be a back-and-forth thing." Obviously, from my reaction at the end, I didn't win her over. I then take her to the park for a little... one-on-one picnic that seems to break through. There's an hour glass showing my impatience and some clips in the woods during the final performance where she's... showing resistance, but in the end, we find each other and walk off... "Rushing Forever" is produced by HulyOnTheBeat and I actually recorded this six years ago."

Palm Beach rapper-producer Eric Biddines wrote the above statement within a series of texts he sent me over this past weekend. Biddines released three albums and two EP's-worth of material on his own planetcoffeebean label imprint between 2010-12, before signing with Juggernaut Sound Productions to unleash planetcoffeebean 2 (2013). Biddines then teamed up with London-based beatsmith Paul White—who had previously worked with Danny Brown, Homeboy Sandman, and Open Mike Eagle—to collaboratively record and release critically-acclaimed 2015 albumGolden Ticket on Lex Records, under the artist name Golden Rules. "Eric Biddines makes approachable Future-Rap, grounded in real emotions and the Southern Rap tradition. Alternately singing and rhyming over an ebullient, piano-laden Nu-Disco beat, Eric Biddines embraces his inner romantic on "Rushing Forever,'" reads parts of AUDIBLETREATS' latest press release. "Rushing Forever" stems from Eric Biddines' most recent solo release, The Local Cafe; "[an] album in which Eric Biddines [brings] you along to get an inside perspective of his community and upbringing. Grab a cup of coffee, sit back, and relax to the Southern tunes of your neighborhood country kinfolk. The Local Cafe really is a fun-loving, storied listen, which features recent singles "Peeuurrnn" and "Whole Trunk," with an underlying spoken word-esque Southern Hip-Hop-reminiscent sound I would best liken to a mix between OutKast emcee AndrĂ© 3000, Big K.R.I.T. and Stones Throw's R&B crooner Anderson.Paak. The Local Cafe is currently available to download, stream, and repeatedly enjoy from Eric Biddines' Bandcamp, Soundcloud, Apple Music, Spotify, and assorted like-minded digital retailers. Biddines himself even designed the construction paper-cut "no name, no gender, no race, no bills" coffee-drinking alien seen across The Local Cafe's album cover and corresponding singles.

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