Tuesday, May 12, 2020

HARD FOUL & These Bastards Share Previously Unreleased Tracks for El Puente Benefit Compilation Album Vol​​​​.​​​​3 (el puente Bandcamp)

HARD FOUL & These Bastards at KFJC 89.7FM's "Wall," 2020 (SOURCE: @these.bastards)

Last month, we told you about SPAZZ LIVE AT CBGB JUNE 29, 1997: A BENEFIT FOR EL PUENTE YOKOHAMA and conducted a very informal "interview" with Dan Lactose (SPAZZ,) Scotty Heath at Tankcrimes, and Shigeru "Shiggy" Sato from El Puente Yokohama. Shiggy's infamous venue/bar/restaurant, El Punete, has been shut down since this whole COVID-19/Coronavirus calamity started and, unfortunately, he's received little to no financial backing form the Japanese Government. Shiggy launched an el puente yokohama Bandcamp page at the beginning of April and has gradually been collecting and uploading releases in an attempt to keep El Puente afloat. Shiggy's long-time friends, fans, and supporters have donated releases to help support El Puente Yokohama, which appears to be how he attained SPAZZ LIVE AT CBGB JUNE 29, 1997 (directly from Dan Lactose, Chris Dodge & Max Ward) with assistance from Scotty "Karate" Heath.

el puente's Bandcamp page currently boasts a slew of releases, including El Puente Benefit Compilation Album Vol​​.​​1-4 & Vol. ROSE, SLIGHT SLAPPERS - WE ❤️ EL PUENTE EP, BADU ERYKAH Live at Daikanyama, and, of course, SPAZZ LIVE AT CBGB. Last week saw the release of both El Puente Benefit Compilation Album Vol​​.​​4 AND El Puente Benefit Compilation Album Vol​​​​.​​​​3, which are both currently available to purchase directly from El Puente Yokohama's Bandcamp page... but, for purposes of this feature, we'll be focusing primarily on Vol.3. It appears as though El Puente Benefit Compilation Album Vol​​​​.​​​​3 was quietly uploaded this past weekend, but, luckily, we received a handy-dandy Bandcamp Notification email as soon as it went live. Primarily a Power Violence-leaning comp. El Puente Benefit Compilation Album Vol​​​​.​​​​3 features 12 extremely rare and previously unreleased selections donated by ACxDC, KANDARIVAS with Daniel Mardhany (Deadsquad,) Flagitious Idiosyncrasy In The Dilapidation AKA F.I.D. These Bastards, HARD FOUL, DIEjA, MORTIFY, VISCERA INFEST, Cliterati, and FIGHT IT OUT.

For purposes of this article, at least, we've decided to focus primarily on ACxDC, These Bastards, HARD FOUL, and Cliterati's contributions to El Puente Benefit Compilation Album Vol​​​​.​​​​3. First and foremost, ACxDC's "Ashes to Ashes" will be re-released on their new album, Satan Is King, to be released on Prosthetic Records this upcoming Friday, May 12, 2020. Additionally, Cliterati's submission, "Unf*ck The System," appeared on their 2019 Tankcrimes release, Ugly Truths / Beautiful Lies. The Witzard regulars will, likely, recognize both These Bastards & HARD FOUL's names from our previous coverage of their music right here on the site. These Bastards consists of Alex "Stoney" Yeung, Dave "Bruno" Bruno, Leech (Dan Lactose's brother,) and T.C. Bonelocs. We previously featured their self-released 2018 Old... ...and p*ssed 7-inch/digital EP, as well as a Wed. Night Live @KZSU session that originally aired on 90.1FM 1/23/19. Here, for El Puente Benefit Compilation Album Vol​​​​.​​​​3, These Bastards offer up two brand new tracks, "San Francisco 2050" Feat. HARD FOUL's own Frank Ripple and "We Must Bleed" (The Germs cover) both previously unreleased prior to their appearance on this comp.

HARD FOUL is a newly-formed Hardcore/Power Violence band featuring Dan Lactose, Kurlee Daddee, Frank Ripple & Cris R. We previously ran a feature on HARD FOUL's debut Live On KFJC set, which aired on 89.7FM a few months ago. Said KFJC 89.7FM set originally aired on March 14, 2020 from 3-6:00PM and featured an opening set from These Bastards, as well. So, aside from the "Hard Foul - Live on KFJC 12Mar2020" stream uploaded to Kurlee Daddee Productions' Soundcloud page, their submissions for El Puente Benefit Compilation Album Vol​​​​.​​​​3 mark HARD FOUL's first officially released material. Both "All Talk No Action" and "Ruthless Crime Addicts"—formerly know as "Ruthless Crime Addikts"—were previously featured within HARD FOUL's Live On KFJC set. Supposedly, there's a HARD FOUL/These Bastards split 7-inch being mastered as we speak to soon be released on "Hirax" Max Ward's own 625 Thrashcore imprint. Again, El Puente Benefit Compilation Album Vol​​​​.​​​​3 is currently available to purchase on Bandcamp, along a slew of additional rarities in support of Shiggy & El Puente Yokohama.

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