Thursday, May 21, 2020

Zilla Rocca & Pecue Join Forces for Collaborative 1996-inspired Blends/Remix EP 96 Ways I Made Out (Three Dollar Pistol Music/Sole Imperial)

So, The Witzard regulars may recognize the artwork/overall style displayed above to be that of one Patrick "Pat" Quinn AKA Pecue Design or simply, Pecue. Quinn previously designed the "top-billing" movie poster-sized feature artwork for our Beastie Boys Paul's Boutique 30th Anniversary All-around Breakdown (PB30) last year. Basically, I just gave Pecue the idea to take inspiration from one of my personal favorite Beasties lyrics, "I'mma Die Harder... like my kid, Bruce Willis!" and he just ran with it, incorporating elements from the Paul's Boutique cover, the iconic Capitol Records Building, Willis' beloved character John McClane, and, of course, the Beastie Boys themselves. Not only is Pecue a Philadelphia/South Florida-based designer, but he's, also, a producer in his own right; having released a slew of instrumentals, remixes, and the like on his own Bandcamp page, as well as on his newly-minted imprint, Sole Imperial, each accompanied by original one-of-a kind artwork designed by Pecue himself.

"Last year, I dropped my album, 96 MENTALITY. and a few months later, my fellow Philly Rap nostal-jack Pecue dropped his instrumental/remix record, '96 Native," Zilla Rocca explains within a Bandcamp description. "We've been mad cool for years, but I didn't know he had a deep love affair for 1996 until his record dropped," Zilla continues. It sounds like Zilla Rocca & Pecue had been planning to do some sort of tie-in/cross-promotion for each other's 1996-inspired records and, now, nearly a year later, we have their collaborative 96 Ways I Made Out EP. Essentially, Pecue took two tracks from Zilla's 96 MENTALITY. and remixed/blended them together with two instrumentals from his own '96 Native. So, now, "Spy vs. Spy" + "63rd St, El Stop" = "Spy vs. Spy" (Pecue Remix) Feat. Vic Spencer and "Live from The Driver's Seat" + "Back On The Block" = "Live from The Driver's Seat" (Pecue Morey's Piers Remix.)

96 Ways I Made Out T-shirts Designed By Pecue (Sole Imperial)

96 Ways I Made Out EP is filled out by three additional 96 MENTALITY.-era CD-only loosies and remixes boasting features from Zilla Rocca's own Wrecking Crew/Career Crooks & Call Out Culture/Cargo Cults affiliates. We're treated to appearances from s.HaBiB, Wally Clark, ALASKA, Blockhead, Small Professor, and Vic Spencer (again) on "Side B" of 96 Ways I Made Out. Additionally, it sounds like Zilla Rocca is still planning to release projects with Career Crooks, Cargo Cults & Midnight Sons, with Small Professor, ALASKA & DJ Chong Wizard, respectively, throughout the remainder of 2020. Zilla Rocca & Pecue's collaborative 96 Ways I Made Out EP is now available to stream, purchase, or download directly from Three Dollar Pistol's Bandcamp page. Both 96 MENTALITY. & '96 Native are still available on Bandcamp, as well. So, if you're diggin' what Zilla & Pecue have cooked up together, we would strongly suggest checking out the originals!

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