Thursday, April 28, 2011

"Buddy Holly All-Stars"

Buddy Holly tragically died in a 1959 plane crash at the young age of 22... Yet he managed to unleash 3 albums during his lifetime, as well as collecting roughly 10 years-worth of "new material" (released posthumously). Even though his "career" only lasted about 1 year, Holly is often credited as one of the pillars of [early] Rock 'N' Roll and electric guitar work.
The good people over at Fantasy Records/Concord Music Group culled through Holly & The Crickets' plethora of Decca (Brunswick/Coral) output, assembling a tribute album of covers. The contributors housed within Rave On's 19 tracks are varied and many. Peruse through the tracklist - conveniently featured below - and pick up the collection on June 28th.

Rave On, Buddy Holly

01. The Black Keys - "Dearest"
02. Fiona Apple & Jon Brion - "Every Day"
03. Paul McCartney - "It's So Easy"
04. Florence + The Machine - "Not Fade Away"
05. Cee-Lo - "(You're So Square) Baby, I Don't Care"
06. Karen Elson - "Crying, Waiting, Hoping"
07. Julian Casablancas - "Rave On"
08. Jenny O. - "I'm Gonna Love You Too"
09. Justin Townes Earle - "Maybe Baby"
10. She & Him - "Oh Boy"
11. Nick Lowe - "Changing All Those Changes"
12. Patti Smith - "Words of Love"
13. My Morning Jacket - "True Love Ways"
14. Modest Mouse - "That'll Be the Day"
15. Kid Rock - "Well... All Right"
16. The Detroit Cobras - "Heartbeat"
17. Lou Reed - "Peggy Sue"
18. John Doe - "Peggy Sue Got Married" (Peggy Sue #2)
19. Graham Nash - "Raining in My Heart"

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