Thursday, April 7, 2011

EMA Does Danzig

Seemingly an avid [Glenn] Danzig/Misfits fan, EMA AKA: Erika M. Anderson (Gowns) took it upon herself to cover Track #4 from Danzig's self-titled 1988 debut - "Soul On Fire."
After fronting 2 seminal Punk bands (Misfits, 1977-83 and Samhain, 1983-87), Glenn Danzig teamed up with producer Rick Rubin. The Def Jam co-founder was in the process of forming a new label, [Def] American, and signed a re-tooled Samhain. To avoid future confusion, Danzig decided to begin using his surname as the band's moniker. "DJ Double R" would go on to produce the Metal supergroup's next 3 albums (self-tiled 2-4).
EMA's "Soul On Fire" edit will not be appearing on her upcoming Souterrain Transmissions debut, Past Life Martyred Saints (May 10 - US and June 4 - Europe)... While the track will be featured on a 400 copy limited edition HELL YES! 7" out May 16.

EMA - "Soul On Fire"

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