Friday, April 29, 2011

"The Odd Trio" (Takes #1-3)

On April 27th, a video dubbed "The Odd Future Sessions (Part 1)" was uploaded to YouTube by a user called "BADBAD,NOTGOOD." Using a little bit of fine "detective work"/digging, I discovered that the track is actually called "The Medley: (Bastard, Orange Juice [Lemonade] & AssMilk)." It consists of 3 Jazzed-out Odd Future cover renditions - Tyler, The Creator and 2 EarlWolf tracks, respectively.
Concrete details on the trio - consisting of Matt Tavares (piano), Alex Sowinski (drums), and Chester Hansen (bass) - are scarce... Collectively either known as "The Odd Trio" and/or "BADBAD,NOTGOOD." A download link - by way of the BADBAD,NOTGOOD tumblr page - is also available in the video's Info section.
Expect more "Odd Trio" details to emerge shortly... The first "commercial" Odd Future [Camp] release - Tyler, The Creator/XL's GOBLIN - is slated for a May 7th release. And props to "Thurnis Haley"/@fucktyler himself for sharing this GNARLY shit, via Twitter!

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