Wednesday, October 5, 2016

The Zipheads Ready "Loud, fast, mad Rockabilly/Punk/Ska/Swing/whatever you want!" Prehistoric Beat Follow-up, Z2: RAMPAGE! for November 11th Release (Bomber Music)

"Way back in 2006, three young Punk brothers from St. Albans, a grim satellite town of London, discovered 1950’s Rock "N" Roll and Rockabilly and The Zipheads were formed. Initially known as The Runaway Boys, a Rock "N" Roll revue [cover] band, they played every sweaty pub, town hall, and social club in South East [London] bashing out 50's classics with a Punk sensibility and more than a nod to the Pub Rock scene of the 70's," read part of a mysterious email I received earlier this week titled "The Zipheads—UK Punkabilly—new album" from Donagh O'Leary at Bomber Music. The Zipheads consists of guitarist and lead vocalist Ray Waters, double bass player and vocalist Tom Waters, and drummer Will Waters (Bennett), who cite The Clash, Stray Cats, Ramones, Reverend Horton Heat, The Living End, The Pouges, 2 Tone Ska forefathers The Specials, and Oingo Boingo amidst "Artists They Also Like" on their band Facebook page. "Though too Punk for some purists, The Zipheads soon found a home in the Psychobilly scene, where their Punk-infused Rockabilly made a lasting impression and has seen them play with such legendary bands as The Meteors, Guana Batz, Demented Are Go, King Kurt, Mad Sin, and many more, as well as being invited to play festivals across Spain, France, Finland, Sweden, and The Netherlands," Bomber Music continued.

Following their 2013 Bandcamp self-released album Prehistoric Beat, "The Zipheads signed a publishing deal with Bomber Music and released a 7-inch single, "Just Don't Seem to Care," on top independent UK label Western Star Records." Ray, Tom & Will fittingly self-describe their music as "loud, fast, mad Rockabilly/Punk/Ska/Swing/whatever you want!" hybrid. I can whole-heartedly attest that I've recently received and advanced copy of The Zipheads' 15-track Prehistoric Beat follow-up, Z2: RAMPAGE!, which will arrive in CD, digital, and 180g magenta-colored vinyl LP formats this upcoming November 11th on Bomber Music Ltd. Z2: RAMPAGE! contains an updated rendition of The Zipheads' own "Revenge" from Prehistoric Beat and a rather rollicking cover of The Temptations' 1966 Gordy (Motown) Records single "Get Ready;" below, I've included the 2013 version of "Revenge," for good measure, in lieu of any new as-yet-to-be-released visual content from Z2: RAMPAGE! Although, I'm led to believe The Zipheads are currently filing an "epic" music video presentation, presumably for quasi-title track "Rampage," which will seemingly evoke Mad Max: Fury Road's futuristic dystopian Devil-may-care attitude, if anything can be taken away from Bomber Music's above press image!

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