Friday, October 21, 2016

Phil Collins & "F**ck, That Tastes Good" Present: Action Bronson & Big Body Bes' Knxwledge-produced "DU-RAG VS. HEADBAND" (Directed By Tom Gould) Blue Chips 7000?!!!??!

"The silver vehicle featured in ["Du-Rag vs. Headband"] is also an E31 8 Series BMW, an “M8;" the only prototype ever produced (one that was reportedly not even road safe) was locked away by BMW in the company’s Giftschrank (poison storage). BMW and The M Division had strongly denied that the car was even a possibility, since the initial stages of its development. The only public showing of the car happened on August 17, 2012 during The Legends of The Autobahn car show held in Carmel, California. The car was specially shipped from Germany for the appearance," Genius contributor @ebuzzell wrote, appended along with "Mash the petal of the 850; sound like the thunder cracking." Sharp-tongued Flushing, Queens rapper and former chef turned television personality Action Bronson surprise released his latest non-album single, "Du-Rag vs. Headband" last night at 10:00PM on his VICELAND travelling food show, F*ck, That's Delicious. Since unveiling his proper Atlantic/Vice Records debut, MR. WONDERFUL back in March 2015, Bronson has become established working relationships and aligned himself with world-renown chef Mario Batali, Rachael Ray, post-Jimmy Fallon Late Night host Seth Meyers, Wendy Williams, and Jimmy Kimmel, as well as Eminem & Blink-182's long-time manager, Paul Rosenberg.

It's unclear as to whether or not "Du-Rag vs. Headband," along with "Descendant of The Stars" and "MR. 2 FACE," will ultimately end up appearing within Action Bronson's third Blue Chips mixtape, Blue Chips 7000 or his long-rumored MR. WONDERFUL follow-up, The Human Highlight Reel. For now though, we have "Du-Rag vs. Headband"'s rather outrageous (well, maybe not by Bronson standards) Tom Gould-directed music video, which features his sh*t-talking "Albanian cousin" Big Body Bes mounted atop a pearly white steed, frequent F*ck, That's Delicious cohorts Meyhem Lauren & The Alchemist, and Nxworries producer and Traveling The Stars: Action Bronson & Friends Watch Ancient Aliens co-star Knxwledge; chaotically nestled within Gould's video presentation, we see ax-minced dinosaur eggs, Bronson sporting a Middle Eastern du-rag-esque head wrap, the aforementioned E31 BMW 850CSi & 8 Series "M8," countless unadulterated rap squats, a Knx-driven ice cream van, and Body ferociously rapping, "and when I die, make sure you spread my blood on a BMW," as well as an uncharacteristically hilarious white steed-centric outro rant. Now, it's really nothing all that different than what Action Bronson has repeatedly been doing ever since Blue Chips (2012), but it's still interesting for anyone who's even remotely into anti-Kanye Hip-Hop, exotic food, pro-wrestling, jet-setting, and generally, having a good time!

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