Thursday, October 25, 2012

Fair Trade Fairness?: Busdriver, Open Mike Eagle & Nocando - "Werner Herzog" (Hellfyre Club)

I wonder if German film director, one-time Killers collaborator, and accidental Hipster cult hero Werner Herzog is even remotely familiar with American Hip-Hop!? Los Angeles-based Indie rappers Busdriver, Open Mike Eagle & Nocando have assembled a loose posse to record a track called "Werner Herzog," which appears on Busdriver's recent ARGUMENTS WITH DREAMS EP. It's basically Flash Bang Grenada plus Open Mike Eagle, a pairing that director Diana Dalsasso went on to simply describe as, "3 of LA's best underground rappers that also just so happen to be the best of friends." "Werner Herzog" pretty much features some of the most clever, witty, quick punchlines I've heard in a long time! Prime example: "I got a bunch of girls pregnant cause I sell diapers ... I eat Fair Trade cheese and fart fairness."

Diana Dalsasso and Nonstop Record creative partner, Karina Soriano [producer] somehow manage to meld Busdriver, Open Mike Eagle & Nocando's slick couplets over average, yet effective settings: a basement engine room, apartment hallway, Eagle's couch, narrow stairwells, and an impromptu rooftop mini-golf course. ARGUMENTS WITH DREAMS EP is now available for download from Big Dada @ the reasonable price of $1.00 email address. They'll even send you details about Busdriver's still in-the-works 2012-13 album. Mind you, his most recent release, Beaus$Eros, chock-full of Electro Hip-Hop and completely produced by Loden was JUST unveiled in Febuary 2012. Busdriver has been on tour in-between the writing/recording of the 2 releases, alongside his 2 right-hand amigos... There are only a few remaining dates left: Oct. 25-27th.

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