Saturday, October 27, 2012

The Colour & The Re-shape: Brian Fallon of Gaslight Anthem - "Everlong" (Foo Fighters)

While they've already managed to make a pretty seamless transition from Hardcore Punk to throwback "Jersey Shore Sound," The Gaslight Anthem are slightly lesser well-know for their spot on, jaw-dropping cover re-arrangements. Spanning between 2006-12, they've successfully executed spirited takes on everyone from The Rolling Stones to Kelly Clarkson, either in the studio or a live setting. Frontman Brian Fallon was recently "across the pond" promoting Gaslight Anthem's fourth and undoubtedly sing-a-long-able Mercury record, Handwritten; Looks like he made a quick pit-stop @ BBC Radio 1 in his travels... playing a gut-wrenching, stripped down acoustic take on The Colour & The Shape hit-single, "Everlong" (1997).

It doesn't really even matter that Foo Fighters released "Everlong" roughly 15 years ago now, Fallon still manages to breathe new life into Dave Grohl's Modern Rock staple. Brian Fallon unleashes his signature, raspy wail right around the 3:00-minute mark, taking Foos' recognizable central hook to new heights! The Gaslight Anthem just recently released their third music video pulled from Handwritten: "Here Comes My Man," which stars the BEAUTIFUL Elisha Cuthbert and are rolling through Philly (Electric Factory) on Nov. 27th. Sounds like The Gaslight Anthem have one more cover up their [collective] sleeve, "Skinny Love," which'll appear on an upcoming Bon Iver 10-inch for the third annual Record Store Day/Black Friday [2012] festivities.

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