Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Basquiat Freestyle: Purity Ring & Danny Brown - "Belispeak II" (Corin Roddick Remix)

Purity Ring - "Belispeak II" (Danny Brown)

While Danny Brown has already worked with non-Hip-Hop cats like The Big Pink and The Streets The D.O.T., he recently Tweeted: "Everybody I wanna work with don't wanna work with me, so I gave up on asking people to do songs with me a long time ago." Mr. Brown then proceeded to list The Weeknd and Purity Ring amongst his dream collaborators. Nearly 1 month later @ 12 midnight Oct. 9-10th, Purity Ring quietly debuted "Belispeak II" online, which just so happens to feature Danny Brown! Back in August, Corin Roddick mentioned to Pitchfork that his production work's influenced by Soulja Boy, Justin Timberlake, Clams Casino, and that he'd "really like to get into producing for Hip-Hop and R&B artists."

"[Danny] Brown, who first saw Purity Ring on their summer tour, expressed interest in wanting to work with the band via Twitter and the two then exchanged ideas through email." Corin Roddick managed to open up a pocket in the original "Belispeak" track, making sufficient room for Brown to lace it up with some brutal rhymes... flipping Megan James' concept and rapping about his little belly speak and painting an "evocative snapshot of his childhood in Detroit." Purity Ring then announced a second tour behind their debut full-length, Shrines on Wed. morning; with dates running from Jan. 10-Feb. 1st along with Young Magic. An official mp3 version of "Belispeak II" is now available for download over @ the 4AD label site, too. Purity Ring is [are] currently touring across Europe, which will eventually wrap up in Liverpool on Nov. 28th.

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